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Yellow Sweet Clover or Common Melilot Р Melilotus officinalis

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This beautiful, bashful little herb, is strictly a biennial but is often an annual in the Australian climate.
It’s leaf shape declares it as a clover but it’s flower arrangement and scent set it well apart.
It has a very distinctive honey scent, even when dried.
The bees love it and so do we. As a venous tonic we find it better than most herbs and use it for varicose veins, but it has a pleasant sedative effect especially when headaches or muscle stress are a problem.
As a tincture, the seeds are an effective antibiotic. Probably not as efficient as Coptis but much more accessible.
The only risk involved with the herb, to our knowledge, is that it may interfere with medications if anticoagulants are being used.
25 fresh seeds
Degree of difficulty in germination…..2/10¬†(1 is easy – 10 very difficult) Seasonal