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Wood Betony –  Stachys officinalis

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Also called Bishops Wort and just Betony, this georgous little herb is often grown because of it’s ancient reputation to protect against sorcery.
It was planted in graveyards to prevent restless ghosts from making their presence felt.
The species Stachys officinalis was formerly named Betonica officinalis.
It is however an effective herb for neuralgic headaches.
Application was historically ‘snuff’ but fluid extraction is easier and more convenient.
It is a mild sedative and was once used as a snuff and smoke to treat headaches.
Wood Betony can be helpful for bad nerves, pain, and spasms.

It grows easily and spreads well if grown in dappled or ‘part’ shade.
It does like a regular watering but is not a demanding plant in the garden.

It matts well to become an effective groundcover and only gets taller when in flower which, like most of the mint family, is a spectacular event with spires of mauve flowers tempting the bees.

Packet of 20 seeds