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Tansey – Prince Of Wales Feathers -Tanacetum vulgare

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As one of the ‘bitter herbs’, Tansey is very useful across a wide range of applications. As a taste sensation, a very small amount of fresh leaf can be added to Custard pudding or wrap meat in the leaves when marinating to flavour it with it’s peppery scent.
The leaves and flowers are great to strew around pets beds as an insect repellent that is easy to clean up and refresh.
We have found a poultice of the leaves does offer some relief for bruises and varicose veins.
Homeopathically, it is a very efficient worming remedy.
Be careful where you plant it though as it can become invasive if not controlled.
Small seeds –

30 fresh seeds
Degree of difficulty in germination…..3/10 (1 is easy – 10 very difficult) Seasonal