Sutherlandia Seeds


Sutherlandia – Cancer Bush – Sutherlandia frutescens

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Probably Africa’s most benificial addition to the Herb Kingdom is this tough and adaptable herb.
It is classified as a ‘Pioneer Herb’, meaning that it will grow in ground where nothing else does.
Once planted, it requires very little work in the garden and, in fact, prefers that you do not fuss with it.
We have found that individual plants live for two to several years and self seed easily in the garden for an on-going supply of fresh herb.
A tea made from the leaves and stems is reminiscent of Swedish Bitters but is easy to get used to.
The feeling of wellbeing that it creates is extremely worthwhile.

Historically, it is taken for:
Asthma and bronchitis
Appetite stimulant in wasted patients, but not in healthy people.
Chronic Fatigues Syndrome
Enhancing well-being
Hot flashes and irritability in menopause
Immune support
Viral hepatitis
Mild to moderate hypertension
Quality-of-life tonic for cancers, HIV/AIDS and TB
Rheumatoid arthritis
Stress, depression and anxiety
Peptic ulcer, gastritis, and reflux oesophagitis
Type 2 diabetes
Wasting from cancer, TB, and AIDS

Packet of 10 seeds