Small Flowered Willow Herb – Seeds


Small Flowered Willow Herb – Epilobium parviflorum, Epilobium

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Once you plant Small Flowered Willow Herb in the garden, you are reasonably assured of always having it. The very tiny seeds germinate quickly and profusely, enabling you to have sufficient herb on hand to use as you need. We have found that the Willow Herb grows best in part shade and, given it’s propensity for self sowing, it is best to give it as much room as you can to spread in later generations.

As the Small Flowered Willow Herb seed is so tiny, we try and leave the feathery tail on to make it easier to find in the packet. The aerial parts of Small Flowered Willow Herb are very useful as a tea or a tincture for a variety of ailments affecting the bladder and kidneys.

As a remedy for Prostrate enlargement we find it better than Saw Palmetto, as the relief from the pain and discomfort seems more immediate.
25 Tiny fresh seeds $4.50
Degree of difficulty in germination…..9/10 (1 is easy – 10 very difficult) Seasonal