Salsify Seeds


Salsify / Oyster Plant  Tragopogon porrifolius

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Salsify is one very interesting plant. Grown almost exclusively for it’s generous taproot, the leaves are also quite edible, though not as popular.
Common consensus describes the taste of the cooked root as ‘Oyster like’ but it is more unique than that I feel.
You can shred or grate the raw root for salads, or dice and slice to boil or roast.
The root is extremely beneficial to those who suffer from an inactive or compromised digestive system due to gallstones, as the juice from the root provides essential enzymes for digestion.
Easy to grow, it requires reasonably well drained soil. We have discovered that as long as the soil is loose enough for the root to freely grown down, the plant is happy and can grow to an enormous size.

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