Red Clover – Seeds


Red Clover, Meadow Trefoil, Sweet Clover Р Trifolium pratense, Fabaceae

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At last, clover that you don’t have to pull out of the garden, this perennial is great to have in abundance.

Red Clover grows best in full sun but has no problem with winter. It seems best situated with nothing else around it as it tends to sprawl a little wherever it likes. Red Clover flowers profusely and frequently which is perfect as it is the flower and seed that is of the greatest use to us.

Seed germination is quick and strong and can be sown directly if you wish.

The seeds will come inoculated as is required by some States.

Red Clover’s main use is as a blood purifier and tonic. We use the flowers in tincture and decoction and the seeds as sprouts to consume directly. Red Clover has a well deserved and strong reputation as well, as an excellent herb for reducing the impact of falling oestrogen levels during menopause.

100 fresh seeds
Degree of difficulty in germination…..2/10¬†(1 is easy – 10 very difficult) Seasonal