Panama Red Passionflower Seeds


Panama Red Passionflower Seeds Passiflora edulis f. flavicarpa, PASSIFLORACEAE

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Passionfruit is a fabulous climber that is familiar to almost everyone but so hard to get, just when you want it.
Panama Red Passionfruit strikes well from seed and easily if the seed is fresh. It grows quickly, so if the seed is planted in winter or early spring you can almost guarantee bucket loads of fruit at the end of summer and early autumn.
One vines, each yield around four buckets of fruit generally, each harvest period.
Make sure you allow enough room for it to spread and flourish.
We make a tea from the Passionflower leaves which gives a non-addictive, non-depressant sedative for insomnia or anxiety or to reduce high blood pressure.

20 fresh seeds