Hubbard Pumpkin Seeds


Pumpkin /Hubbard Pumpkin Seeds Cucurbita maxima

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An American heirloom pumpkin, this one has translated into the Australian climate beautifully.
Slightly warted green skin with distinct ribs, it consistently produces a rich orange flesh that is neither ‘stringy’ or watery.
The flesh is not as sweet as the Jap pumpkin which makes it an often better companion to rich roast meals.
It also bakes wonderfully well for soup.
Thin walls and few seeds makes this a good value squash and the size generally means that you don’t have excess to store in the fridge.

Germination is usually one to two weeks and fruiting is usually well under way after 90 – 100 days.
Hubbard will continue to produce fruit until the vine is completely exghausted.
The fruit keeps really well if dark and cool.
Two vines is usually enough for the family meals.

Late Spring germination is usually successful.
10 fresh seeds