Golden Thryallis Seeds


Golden Thryallis Seeds Galphimia glauca , Malpighiaceae,

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Also called, Gold Shower, Rain of Gold or Shower of Gold, Golden Thrallis, with their red stems, vibrant green leaves and generous sprays of deep yellow flowers, dominate their area of the garden. Once popular, in the 1940’s, they seem to have been forgotten by the gardening magazines. We grow these beautiful shrubs for their homeopathic remedy properties, but if they had no other purpose, we would still grow them.
Golden Shower grow to around 1.8M but it is very easy to keep them lower and trimmed to hedge proportions.
They knock back in winter in cooler climates, but burst forth in Spring to delight once again. In our Queensland garden they flower from September to June.

30 fresh seeds