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Dyer’s Chamomile – Seeds Anthemis tinctoria

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Call me old fashioned, but plants like this just belong in domestic gardens.
Upright, feathery, dark green foliage, with a generous display of yellow gold, daisy like flowers all through summer, Dyer’s Chamomile is distinctive because everyone is quite sure that they know it by sight.
As it’s common name Dyer’s Chamomile suggests, it was used extensively as a dye for colours ranging from yellow to khaki, depending on the mordant used to fix the dye.
It sows easily in place as long as the danger of frost has passed or is some way off. After a two years it gets a little ‘leggy’ and a bit unattractive but by that time it will have sown it’s own seed and the patch just needs to be tidied up.
Medicinally, Dyer’s Chamomile does have some anti-spasmodic effect which can be useful during cramping menstruation.
As the seed is almost impossible to separate from the chaff, it is best to sprinkle all of the contents from the packet at one time when planting.