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Columbine Granny’s Bonnet – ¬†Aquilegia vulgaris

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Columbine is one of those herbs that is not at all fussy about the company it keeps, and will hybridize happily with any other Aqueliga in the vicinity.
This does not compromise it’s usefulness as an herb though which is an absolute bonus.
Growing the plant is a pleasure, as it maintains itself nicely, requiring little attention. It disappears in winter and heralds Spring with a show to delight.
The colours can range from quite yellow to the deepest purple.
The seed operates on day length and has different germinations in different locals, but, be patient and it will germinate when it is ready.
It is an old herb that is best used under the guidance of a practitioner with considerable experience.
Even the seeds can be toxic if ingested so beware and be careful.
We use it homeopathically and it is an invaluable herb used in that way.
30 seeds