Brazil cherry – Grumichama Seed


Eugenia brasiliensis

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Not to be confused with it’s cousin Brazilian Cherry,¬†Eugenia brasiliensis or less confusingly known as Grumichama, is another small generous shrub that looks great with minimal care.
It usually tops out at 2m in height and has a very pleasing shape.
The flowers are lovely, perfumed, white and can occur twice in a year if watered frequently and planted in soil that drains well.
The fruit is generally all ready at once which means that preserving as a jam or jelly is necessary, which it does well.
The fruit is a delightful deep purple and the colour follows through very well to the most decadent looking jam.
As a jelly or sauce, it replaces Cranberry deliciously for meat and roast dishes.

The seeds are very viable but slower to germinate than most fruit seeds, and can take 8-10 weeks.