Dear Beautanicals,
I wanted to compliment you on the very prompt dispatch, excellent packaging and quality of the small plugs plants I bought from you in the order below.
Much the best delivery time and thoughtful packaging I’ve encountered yet.
I have ordered considerable numbers of plants online in the last 6 months (including from The Diggers Club, Lambley Nursery etc).
I will order from you again. Thank you.
Kind regards

Q. I purchased a selection of your Heirloom Tomato seed on the 25/5/
I planted the seeds of Big Red,Mortgage Lifter and Red Brandywine about 5 weeks ago and they are now about 900+ mm high with stems like tree trunks and all are in flower and have been for some time but no sign of setting fruit, should I be adding some trace element or Potassium to the plants as encouragement to set fruit. Regards Jim PS. I had 100% germination.
A. Hi Jim, I’m pleased, but not surprised at your results so far.
On the website, most of the tomatoes have been given a ‘day’ rating which runs from 50 days to 90 days.
This is an indication as to how long you can expect to wait from sowing the seed to producing fruit.
Some, little over achievers, do try and fruit before they are really ready and flower early.
We prick off the flower at this stage as the fruit is usually below average if allowed to develop.So, don’t panic about fruit setting just yet. You don’t really want them to.Be careful that you don’t get too much ‘green’ growth at this stage.Many commercial fertilizers are so high in nitrogen that you can end up with fantastic stems and leaves but little or no fruit.
You really should not need to fertilize until the bushes are flowering in abundance.

Q: My “Heirloom” tomato’s are growing well and now approx’ 1200-1400mm tall and fruiting well with plenty of new flowers, however they have now got what we call the dreaded “tomato wilt”the same has been the curse of all my earlier tomato growing effort results. The bottom leaves develop yellow spots which then proceed to cover the whole leaf which then withers and dies and eventually effects all the leaves up to about 400 – 500 mm up the stem. If it continues to follow the pattern of my earlier experience, the wilt eventually will affect the whole of the plant and I finish up with tomato’s and no leaves. Do you have a suggestion that I could follow as these are beautiful plants and I would hate to lose them.A:I sympathize. It’s dreadful to see it happening.Treatment is something that I’m not well versed in as I always prepare for it and it doesn’t happen.What I do is to ensure that the bushes have heaps of air circulation.This means planting in the open with no blocks, from other plants or architecture.Secondly, I dig the manure deep and do not mulch around the tops of the roots.This means that there is never any root humidity.Thirdly, I folair spray with a weak molasses solution every 2 weeks.I trim a lot of foliage off the plants to allow air around the forming fruit, as I have found that the bushes do not need a great supply of leaf anyway.Remember that most commercial potting mixes are 85% mulch and bark, so the chances of creating humidity are very high.

Good Morning Mark,Received my plant a few moments ago and it arrived in excellent condition.I have purchased plants online for a long time and your packaging is unquestionably the best I have ever seenVery much appreciated. Shall be a returning customer.Thank You.Barbara.

Thank you for delivering my beautiful plants with such love and respect.They are magnificent.Best regardsMarianne

Thank you very much for sending me the plants and seeds. I am really impressed with the way you had packaged them. I think it is worth the portaging costs.So happy to see the tropical flora.I know it will be a challenge to grow them here in Adelaide.I will try to look after them with care.I will be your regular customer.ಅಭಿನಂದನೆಗಳು / Kind Regards,Naveen

Thankyou. I received my plants/seeds today. They are in perfect condition. I was a little concerned about plants coming in the mail, as it was my first time ordering live plants. However, I was thrilled as I unpacked them all. They all look healthy and happy and survived the trip like troopers.Thankyou for your attention to detail with the packaging – the newspaper shreds were damp still, obviously providing moisture and no soil had escaped. I just had to send a quick email to voice my gratitude. Kind regards,Wendy

Hi, My name is Anandii Macrides and I recently purchased some chia seeds from you. I felt I had to send you this email as after only 1 1/2 days the seeds you provided where fully germinated and they are continuing to show exceptional growth. I am a horticulturist and am aware that this only goes to show the exceptional quality of the seed crop and the handling involved in harvesting and storage. I would like to be added to your database for future email notifications on deals or general information regarding your great products and service. Many thanks, A. Macrides Horticulturist.

We just received our herbs that we ordered the other day. They arrived very fast and were in good condition. We won’t hesitate to recommend you to our friends. Thank you very much. Belinda & Todd

Hi Mark & Pauline, The plants arrived today, and I picked them up from the Post Office. They look AMAZING!! Many thanks and if you want me to recommend you, please feel free. I am very happy to say “Thank you Mark, the plants arrived in fantastic condition, and your after sales service is second to none. I am happy to recommend your plants and you to everyone.” [You can use the above quote whenever you want.] Sincerely, Deni McKenzie

Good Morning I bought some seeds from you guys in October only 5 weeks ago. These are going quite well at about 1″ high at the moment. Photos attached. Thanks Greg Elliott

Thank you for supplying my very recent order for chervil seeds. You were most generous in your pack of 30 seeds – final germination was in excess of 70, most of which are now at the first true leaf stage. Fantastic. Doug Spencer

My order (Radium Weed) arrived today and I just wanted to thank you VERY MUCH for your products. I have ordered quite a few plants online and your plants are packaged beautifully and are excellent in quality. I am thrilled with the quality of your plants and will spread the word with friends about your great website and service.Sincerely,Luci Raftery

Dear Beautanicals staff,I received my plant and seed order (2 vap cas and Perilla seeds) this morning. Very quick and efficient! I collect edible plants. I’m on the coast near Cairns, so most plants are tropical. I’ve dealt with a few other companies ‘on-line’, but your service goes above and beyond them. The plants are so well packed and healthy on arrival. Thank you again. Jane

Hello Mark,Just letting you know that I have received the Plants and seeds. I am very happy with your communication, fast delivery and package and your products. Thank you again and hope to purchase again soon. Marcelo

May I take this opportunity to thank you for your prompt service in fulfilling my small Order placed last weekend.Attending to payment was easy and uneventful. Dispatch of Order was very quick. Was able to “track” package through Link provided.Order was on my doorstep In Newcastle area within 3 days. Plants and seed packets contained within all in good shape. My 1st experience buying Live plants, and seeds, over the Internet. In the future I will be glad to return to do business with yourselves again. Bruce

Hi there….I’ve just received my plant order….Alternanthera sisoo.I have to say what fantastically good packaging they were in.In fact, everything I have had from Beautanicals has been excellent.I’ll be back time and time again.Many thanks for excellent products, service and packaging.Kind regardsDavid

Hi,Received my plants from you yesterday. Excellent condition! Thankyou for prompt service, great plants and information via your email.Many thanks,Sandra

Hi there, I just received my first order and am very excited. I can’t believe how quickly and efficiently you made that happen – I had a lot of fun last night, planting my ginger and getting my new seeds in the ground. :)Thanks and warm regards, Lynne