Baked Pumpkin Soup

    INGREDIENTS One pumpkin
    Sprinkle of Lemon pepper
    Sprinkle of Turmeric
    Sprinkle of Mixed spice
    A little oil
    METHOD The spice added to this recipe is dictated by the size of the pumpkin you grow and your taste.
    I use anything from a quarter of a teaspoon to a full teaspoon. Taste as you add but don't use too much Lemon Pepper.

    Cut pumpkin in half and remove seeds. Place cut side down on a tray lined with baking paper.
    Place into a hot oven and cook for about one hour - depending on the size. 
    Cook until tender and you can peal the skin away from the flesh easily.
    Place a little oil in a pot with lemon pepper and heat until the lemon pepper sizzles a little.
    Put the pumpkin into the pot with the cooked oil and lemon pepper and with a hand blender and blend until very smooth.
    Return to a low heat and add other spices.
    Add water to the mix until you are happy with the thickness of the soup. Stir constantly.
    Serve with cream on top if you like.
    Makes heaps. Perfect to freeze for other times.




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