Historical uses of some herbs.

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  • Grow your Own

  • It is our personal opinion, that growing your own herbs is the absolute best way to ensure that the herb you are taking is, correct, fresh, unadulterated and always in constant supply.
  • If you want to buy herb seed to grow, then visit our Seed site.
  • For a more or less complete list of the plants growing in our gardens browse through Our Medicinal List.
  • We are pragmatic in our approach to the use of herbs and recommend that complete research is necessary before you even eat a plant, let alone use one as a medicine.
  • The plant world is not benign and much of the 'bad press' that has branded the use of many herbs is quite simply because people were unprepared or ill advised and the results can range from the unplesant to the absolute tragic.
    All of the information contained within this site, and our other Herb sites is information that we have collected or noted over the years and applied as we have needed or wanted to.
  • We are neither Herbalists, Naturopaths or Homeopaths and the recipes and chemical facts regarding the herbs are from our 'Road Testing' and may not always be in agreement with traditional knowledge.
  • We also do not offer advice, diagnosis, or treatment plans.
  • We have only included information that we have used personally and we update only as we trial recipes and grow the herbs that are needed for them.
  • Preparation information has come from the US Pharmacopeia.
  • It is of extreme importance that the plant that you are preparing to use, actually IS the plant that you intend to use. Identification is the main key to success.


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