General and Specific additives for the Soil and the Garden.

    Epsom Salts is a natural mineral that was discovered in the well water of the town of Epsom in England. The salts' chemical composition is hydrated magnesium sulphate (about 10% magnesium and 13% sulphur). 
    Magnesium is important when it comes to seed germination and is also important in the production of chlorophyll. 
    Magnesium strengthens cell walls and helps plants absorb nitrogen, phosphorus, and sulphur. 
    Sulphur helps plants produce required vitamins, amino acids, and enzymes.


    Horn Manure (Prep 500) is made from cow manure, buried in cow horns in the soil over winter. The resultant Horn Manure is used to bring in the calcium activity, bringing in the earthly forces to the soil and helping the soil to develop humus and structure and to attract earthworms and soil micro-organisms. Preparation 500 is stirred for one hour and applied to the whole garden at least in spring and autumn, in droplet form, late afternoon.
    Horn Silica Prep 501, made from ground up quartz crystal, brings in the silica activity, and is buried in the soil in the cow horns over summer. A tiny amount, ½ teaspoon per acre is used to take the light forces into the roots to aid photosynthesis and the uptake of minerals and trace elements from the soil, as well as increase dry fibre content and sweetness of the fruit or grass. It also increases the sugar content of plant sap, sends extra sap to the soil to feed the micro organisms and helps develop resistance to insect attack and fungal diseases. Stir for one hour and apply early morning, as a fine mist, to all crops and pastures over spring and summer. 
    Prep 508, made from and known as Equisetum is sprayed out diluted to aid fluid balance in the soil and air and strengthen against fungal disease.
    502 Yarrow Prep stimulates the potassium, silica, selenium activating bacteria and helps combine sulphur with other substances. Aids the soil in connecting to the planetary rhythms.
    503 Chamomile Prep retains nitrogen and calcium, keeping them in the living realm and preventing loss to the atmosphere. Stimulates boron and manganese, as well as azotobacteria activity – the best bacteria for making nitrogen in the soil.
    504 Stinging Nettle Prep conveys intelligence to the soil, helping proper decomposition and chlorophyll formation, and stimulating iron, potassium, calcium, magnesium and sulphur activity in the soil.
    506 Dandelion Prep stimulates the potassium /silica bacteria in the soil to enable it to work more effectively with the growth forces. Silica makes the plants more inwardly sensitive. Can help increase flowering and filling of fruit out to tips eg cucumbers. Brings substance to our foods to nourish us. Also stimulates the magnesium, boron and selenium soil activity.
    507 Valerian Prep stimulates the phosphorus process and mobilises the phosphorus-activating bacteria in the soil, as well as selenium and magnesium. Can assist the flowering process. Forms a warmth blanket around the compost heap. If sprayed onto blossoms in spring, it can protect against late frost.
    Horn Clay, made from clay, mixed to a slurry and placed in a cow horn for spring to autumn (summer horn clay) or autumn to spring (winter horn clay) or the whole year. 10g per hectare is either stirred for one hour and can be sprayed out in droplet form, as you do the horn manure (500) on the soil, or mixed with the Horn Manure and sprayed out together. Horn Clay connects the actions of the horn manure and the horn silica.